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Alina Sue Larson is a cognitive psychology PhD candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Academic Advisor:  Jean E. Fox Tree

UCSC Lab:  Spontaneous Communication Laboratory

Web:  UCSC,  LinkedIn,  Localwise,  ResearchGate,  Google 

Curriculum Vitae:  CV.pdf


I graduated from Lewis and Clark College in May 2012 with a double major in Psychology and Foreign Languages (Russian and French). I recently completed my doctorate degree at UC Santa Cruz in the Cognitive Psychology PhD program.

My research primarily focuses on first impressions in the context of human-computer interaction. More broadly, I am interested in how people dehumanize those they see as different from and/or competitive with themselves, and (re)humanize those they see as resembling and/or helpful to themselves (even when it comes to non-human agents). In my research, I examine language as well as various other forms of multimodal self-expression, such as music, dance, and games.