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Teaching Experience

Guest Lectures

Lecture on APA Style (2016)
UC Santa Cruz, Psychology 100: Research Methods
(185 enrolled students)

Lecture on Implicit Memory (2016)
UC Santa Cruz, Psychology 20A: Cognition
(171 enrolled students)

Lecture on Chemical Senses (2015)
UC Santa Cruz, Psychology 121: Perception
(170 enrolled students)

Teaching Assistant

History 161B: Roman History - Pompeii, with Charles Hedrick (UCSC Fall 2017)

Psychology 123: Cognitive Neuroscience, with Cass Sterling (UCSC Spring 2017)

Psychology 125: Psychology of Language, with Jean Fox Tree (UCSC Winter 2017)

Psychology 170: Abnormal Psychology, with Pat Samermit (UCSC, Fall 2016)

Psychology 100: Research Methods, with Cass Sterling (UCSC Spring 2016)

Psychology 20A: Cognition, with Meg Wilson (UCSC Winter 2016)

Psychology 80A: Psychology and Religion, with Ralph Quinn (UCSC Fall 2015)

Psychology 100: Research Methods, with Faye Crosby (UCSC Summer 2015)

Psychology 121: Perception, with Nicolas Davidenko (UCSC Spring 2015)

Psychology 2: Psychological Statistics, with Audun Dahl (UCSC Winter 2015)