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Other Things I Do

Music and Tune-Writing

I enjoy playing music for fun,
and have dabbled in a bit of tune-writing.
I've also been posting updates on my
progress with uilleann pipes on this page.
If you are interested in hearing me play
or seeing the tunes I've written, send me an email!


To see some of my artwork,
you can peruse this portfolio page here
or view some of my commissioned work on Dribble.

Ceili Without Ceilings

Facebook Group
I help organize events, bring music, help teach dances, and invent new ones.

East Bay Waltz

Official Website & Facebook Group
I've helped prepare and run dances, DJ, design logos and pamphlets, take photos... and dance too.

In the press

As a child, I helped advocate for the rebuilding
of Cragmont School alongside my mother in Berkeley, CA.
My mom tells a story about me standing up at a podium
and giving a speech, which I don't recall.
See the newspaper clipping here.